Robotic lawn mover Tuning steerable 360° turn rear wheel

Gardena R38Li, R40 Li, R45Li, R50Li, R70Li, R80Li , Flymo 1200, Husqvarna 105, 305, 308

the problem !

quick wear out of the rear wheel, because it is fixed. It cannot follow the movers turning direction.

When the mover turns often over conrete plates, the wheel is wear down within weeks only.

lawn and hairs everywhere, finally blocking the wheel


The solutions

Full fledged new aft part equipped with steerable 360° turn rear wheel, ready to go mounted within minutes.


The really trouble free solution package.

Ready to go, mounted within minutes, only loose 5 screws, change aft part completely, tighten 5 srews, enjoy.


No hassle with warranty, if mover must be sent back to manufacterer, since you can just mount the original aft part.

Full fledged new aft part


inlcuding mounting instruction with a lot of pictures and step by step guide, key words in english. Will be provided by e-mail.


168,50 EUR